Avanso products are manufactured with the assistance of the most advanced technology facilities, which are in compliance with the current needs and high demands on the production of quality food supplements.


We always try to look ahead, therefore innovative techniques and progressive trends are being applied in the branch of the technology of producing various products.


Science and research have become the foundations of our activity, whose aim is to constantly improve the quality and effectiveness of active substances and finished products.


Tablets allow you to receive a precisely measured dose of the drug and belong to the most common forms of taking medications or supplements. The advantage of tablets is their stability and comfortable application to the consumers. The size of the tablet is always adapted to the needs of easy swallowing.
Soft gelatin capsules can effectively mask the unpleasant taste of the active substances contained, and at the same time ensure their good bioavailability in the organism. The advantage is greater stability at the weather conditions and lower consumption of additive substances.
Hard gelatin capsules consist of two cylindrical parts, the active substances can be found inside the capsule. The capsules possess a high stability, good bioavailability and advantageous parameters to the consumer. They are pleasant to swallow, and easily decomposable in the body.


Advanced production technologies are being used for selected products, such as micronization, microencapsulation, encapsulation of active substances in the liquid, or oily consistence, or in the form of pellets.

The capsules produced by the above-mentioned technologies are called UNICAPS. They bring the consumers a brand new value and provide much higher therapeutic effects than the comparable products manufactured in the standard way.

Hard gelatine capsules UNICAPS feature high bioavailability of the active substances in the body. They have a pleasant appearance, thinner walls, fewer excipients. If required, it is possible to apply the active substances with a rapid effect, or conversely, with slow release.


Improved stability

Hermetically sealed hard gelatin capsules UNICAPS slow the oxidation process and increase the durability. The capsule shell protects the internal contents from the effects of external influences, it thereby maintains their efficacy in time. The substances used in the production of the gelatin capsules allow to change the barrier properties of the capsules to suit our needs. UNICAPS capsules significantly slow down the degradation process and increase the durability and stability of the natural active substances.

Modifified release

UNICAPS capsules make it possible to modify the release of active substances according to our needs. The instant- release capsules are designed especially for those components that need to be delivered into the body in the shortest period of time. On the other hand, time release of pellets or micro-tablets is slower, the ingredients are released into the body gradually and they operate for a longer time.

Micronization of active substances

The original structure of the active ingredient is crushed and reduced to the size of several micrometers, which results in the fact that the substance greatly increases its surface. The dimensions of microns with enormous surface make the bioavailability of the active particles much better, the onset of the action is much faster. UNICAPS capsules offer faster and increased absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredients. Micronization can reduce the dosage and thus the burden of the gastrointestinal tract.

Higher perception value

UNICAPS capsules have a higher perception value than the conventional tablets, capsules or soft gelatin capsules.

HPMC or gelatine capsules?

UNICAPS capsules can be manufactured both from the animal gelatin and the natural material of HPMC (hydroxypropyl methylcellulose).

Better visual appear

UNICAPS capsules have a pleasant appearance, the visual parameter of the product is reflected in its higher perception value.

Smaller capsules

Tvrdé želatinové tobolky mají tenčí konstrukci stěny, což umožňuje obsažení většího množství aktivních látek v menší kapsli oproti poměrně tlustostěnné měkké želatinové kapslí.

Fewer excipients

UNICAPS capsules require no binders, lubricants, or softeners which are usually found in the tablets, powder- filled capsules and soft gelatin capsules.

Less odor and less irritation

UNICAPS capsules are completely sealed, so it is impossible to smell any odour. Their use is pleasant for consumers, as they do not have to be afraid of mucosal or stomach irritation.

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