Body detox

Proper liver function

The detox body contains a unique extract of Milk thistle and other medicinal herbs in an optimal ratio focused on intensive support of liver protection and regeneration.

30 tablets



Body Detox contains a unique extract of Milk Thistle and other active substances in an optimal combination focused on intensive support of liver protection and regeneration.

They help to natural detoxification throughout the body. It acts positively on the liver and protects it from damage, it helps in proper support of the gall bladder and kidneys. It supplies our body with the necessary energy, vitality and freshness.

Milk thistle, has antioxidant and has a strong detoxifying effect, especially in the liver area.

All the active ingredients contained in Body Detox complement each other and their interaction increases the effect.


Body detox 1 tablet
Milk thistle
(80% silymarin)
125,0 mg
Black radish 100,0 mg
Dandelion 100,0 mg
Alfalfa 100,0 mg
Beetroot 75,0 mg
Cholin 75,0 mg
Inositol 75,0 mg


Milk thistle is a powerful natural antioxidant, protects cells from harmful free radicals,  promotes liver function and good digestion and promotes the natural defenses of the organism
Choline promotes liver function, which plays an irreplaceable role in detoxifying the body
Dandelion is a powerful natural antioxidant, it acts anti-inflammatory, contributes to the normal functioning of the stomach and liver, promotes the detoxification of the organism (excretion), helps to control body weight, promotes proper digestion
Alfalfa supports the vitality of the organism


One box contains: 30 tablets
Dosage: 1 tablet a day. Take before or with a meal and drink sufficiently.
Storage: In a dry and dark place, temperature of up to 25 C°.
Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children.
Manufacturer: Avanso s.r.o., nám. Svobody 528, 739 61 Třinec, Czech Republic

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