Health of urinary tract

Product contains an effective combination of natural substances that prevent harmful viruses and bacteria from settling in the urinary tract.

30 capsules



Every fifth woman repeatedly suffers from the inflammation of the urinary tract. The only solution is effective prevention.

The cause of the inflammation is usually the bacterium Escherichia coli found in the digestive tract. When the bacteria pass into the urethra, they may settle on the walls of the bladder and then they just quickly multiply. The final infection can cause unpleasant symptoms such as a sudden urge to urinate, painful urination and abdominal cramps.

Appropriate prevention can prevent an outbreak of the infection. Urifem preparation has a beneficial effect on the health of the urinary tract and helps to eliminate bacteria from the urinary tract.

Urifem contains a unique combination of active substances – extract of Canadian cranberries, extract of bearberry and vitamin C. The product allows you to avoid the problems connected with urinary tract infections, helps prevent the settlement of Escherichia coli bacteria on the walls of the urethra and bladder, and contributes to the growth of beneficial microflora within the urinary tract.


Urifem 1 capsule
Cranberry 300 mg
Bearberry 50 mg
The goldenrod 50 mg
Vitamin C 50 mg


Cranberry is a natural antioxidant that promotes the body’s immune system
Bearberry supports the proper functioning of the bladder and kidneys, has antioxidant properties, supports natural defenses
The goldenrod contributes to the proper functioning of the urinary systemt
Vitamin C protects cells from oxidative stress and supports the immune system


One box contains: 30 capsules
: 1 capsule a day. Take before or with a meal and drink sufficiently.
Storage: In a dry and dark place, temperature of up to 25 C°.
Warning: Do not exceed the recommended daily dose. The product is not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Keep out of the reach of children.
Manufacturer: Avanso s.r.o., nám. Svobody 528, 739 61 Třinec, Czech Republic

Characteristics of active substances

Cranberries contain many compounds beneficial to the human body. They act positively against a burning sensation during urination, lower abdominal pain or urinary leakage. They block adherence of the bacteria that could cause infections. They also work well during the ongoing inflammation and its phases. In addition, cranberries are potent antioxidants. They protect cells from aging and free radical damage. They perform as a powerful anti-inflammatory agent.

Bearberries have antibacterial, antiseptic and anti-inflammatory effects. Bearberry leaves assist in the urinary bladder infections and clean the entire urinary tract from harmful deposits. They are used in difficulties during urination, urolithiasis and during sudden inflammation of the urinary bladder. This herb helps the body get rid of uric acid and reduces infections.

Vitamin C is an excellent preventative agent against the infections of the urinary tract. It increases the acidity of urine, creating thus an adverse environment for the growth of bacteria that are the major cause of female bladder infections. Vitamin C, an alkali, has an acidic pH and creates an alkaline environment in the body, in which the inflammation does not catch. Basically, vitamin C is a natural anti-inflammatory agent.

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